“Woman in Isolation” An Analysis of Hawthorne’s The Birth-mark

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Woman in Isolation” An Analysis of Hawthorne’s The Birth-mark

By Trudy A. Martinez

The title of Hawthorne’s short story The Birth-mark, gives significance to a congenital mark. Splitting the word birthmark by using a dash causes segregation and a discernment of meaning and a fragmenting preference, symbolizing isolation. As such, birth comes to mean existence, whereas mark imposes a visible sign that severs continuation. Consequently, in the story, the mark becomes an inherent element, serving as a symbol indicative of position, within the society and an object of scorn unworthy of consideration.

This perception of the birth-mark generates an irony. The Socratic irony is the reason the birth-mark not only surfaces on the face of Georgiana as a sign of an imperfect beauty but also surfaces as a symbol of woman within society. Consequently, the birth-mark’s representation serves to isolate.

Nevertheless, not all men within the society chose to…

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