Noble Chivalry Shines

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Noble Chivalry Shines, a Comparative Analysis of The Country Wife, The Mode of Man, and The Way of the World
By Trudy A. Martinez

The messages in the plays, The Country Wife, The Mode of Man, and The Way of the World, all communicate and center on a political universe. The supporting environment of the plays is not as obvious as the personal or social nature. Nevertheless, the representation of the characters is of a political nature. Through the comical characterizations of wit or lack of wit, the effectiveness, or weakness of an aristocratic perspective of honor, and respectability, (in regards to marriage and fidelity) falls upon public scrutiny. Each author contributes a viewpoint of the upper class populace deserving of corrective consideration. Only in Congreve’s The Way of the World is the matchless disposition of a true noble reached, justifying social statue, and claim…

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