A Look Back at History: Failure versus Success

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A Look Back at History: Failure versus Success

By Trudy A. Martinez

Populism is a cry of reform from rural America as a result of economic expansionism and urbanization. When times are bad for the farmers in the mid-west (the new rural America), they call for reform for themselves and the working class in the eastern factories and industries (the new urban America). The Populist effort to alter the status quo reveals a strong desire for reform, a sense of fair play, and a sense of hope. Their determination to correct a dream of false optimism on the verge of reaching hopelessness presents political overtures. However, reform and enforcement will only be made through the Steward of the rich, the President, through Progressivism.

The restructuring to come will produce a new hope for the rising, so the rich can continue on with the purpose of their nation, their religion, their…

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