Grama Trudy’s Art Gallery

by gramatrudy

The drawings are for viewing

Criticisms, pro or con, are welcome and encouraged.   New Art Work will be added regularly.  Check back again to see new additions.


                                                     Day Dreamer

                                                                    “Day Dreamer”

Love Expression

                ‘Love Expression”  11 x 14

                                                       flute street artist

                                                                       Flute Artist           11 x 14

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Leave the Driving to us

                “ Leave the Driving to Us”             11 x 17


The Trio

       “The Trio”        11 x 17


                                                                                 failed attempt

                                                                                                   9 x 12

                  When Wemen wore dresses

            When Women Wore Dresses“     9 x 12

                                                                           Christman Bakery employees 1920

                                                                                   “Christman Bakery Staff”     11 x  17



     Aunt peg car

“May 39 “           11 x 17

                                                                       Aunt Effie Jones (2)

                                                                  “Aunt Effie Jones” 9 x 12


          Christman Bakery Staff

         “ The Men of Christman Bakery”

             9 x 12



                                                                        Feeding the ducks

                                                                        “Feeding the Ducks”   9 x 12

                                                                          Winchester, England



       Street Artist

“Street Artist” 9 x 12

Winchester, England


                                                             City Jail

                                                            “The City Jail,” Randsburg, CA   9 x 12


                                                                                     stone henge

                      “Stonehenge”    9 x 12

                                                               vases unmatched    

                                                                   “The Vases”  9 x 12                                


                   “Italian Corridor”   9 x 12



                                                                                   “Christine”  9 x 12             



                                           “The Pony”  9 x 12


                                                                           venice gathering          

                                                       “Venice Gathering, 1990”   9 x 12      


                                                      night bloomer 

                                                             “Night Bloomers” 9 x 12


                         “Kern River”  9 x 12                             


                                                   Got Milk                              

                                                   “Got Milk?”      9 x 12                             


“Bull” 9 x 12                             


                                                             “Freckles”  9 x 12                  



                        “Texas”     9 x 12



                                                                           “ The Barn”     9 x 12    

   The Pond

    “The Pond”   9 x 12


                                                                              Hawaii Near the Fence    

                                                                          “ Hawaii Near the Fence”  9 x 12                           

             The Rose  99 x 12

                    “The Rose”  9 x 12


                                                                Ducks by pond 

                                                              “Ducks by Pond”  9 x 12          


              A Walk in England

           “A Walk in England”   9 x 12


I love to draw and paint.  Never having enough time and making excuses as to why I did not spend time doing what I loved, kept me from the creative pleasure of expression. 

Perhaps, I was punishing myself.  When I was a small child, my pencil and paper were my best friend.  I was lost without them.   If I misbehaved, Mom and Dad took away my tablet and pencil.  That was the worse punishment.  The spankings with a switch or razor strap hurt, but not as much as losing my drawing  privileges. 

Now things are different.  I aged.  I am slowing down physically.  However, my mind is still quite active.  At 75 I feel fortunate to still be here.  I  added art back into my daily routine.  Now, I have only time to do as I please.  Enjoy.


About gramatrudy

BA degree in English with a single subject certification 1994 I enjoy writing, art (all forms), quilting, sewing, embroidery, photography (still and video), and most of all, my grandchildren.
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