Winter is Here in Lancaster, CA (2008)

 It’s snowing.  It’s snowing.  The old man is snoring!

It is a winter wonderland.  Grace and Charity made a  B-I-G  snowman.They gave it a smile and green eyes.  It was pretty cute.  See for yourself.He looks pretty small, but eyes can be deceiving.

Check it out next to Grace.  The flakes of snow came down all day long.

Sparky and Charity liked it a lot. Sparky didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.  He could take it or leave it.  He’d rather leave it.  He likes his water melted.  It splashes better that way.  He would rather splash in it than slide on it.  That is just the way it is with his breed.

It has been quite a few years since it snowed here.  I guess that blows the warming theory out the window–it is no longer warm on this side of the earth!