Uncle Chris, My Friend

By Trudy A. Martinez
Came:  March 03, 1906—–Went: March 05, 1999
In Between, he left 93 years of memories
Who was he?
He was my friend.
Never will there be
One like him again.
Who Knew?
He was a quiet man:
Giiving, Faithful,and True!
Rarely did he speak . . . Unless spoken to.
Who Knew?  Who Knew?
He was a Seaman:
Most of his life–living on the ocean blue,
Giving of himself,
Being Faithful,
And making dreams come true.
Who Knew?  Who Knew? Who Knew?
He was a he-man,
Not a give-it-to-me man.
He could move a mountain for a friend.
Who Knew?
Very few words could explain
Just what he meant to be,
Just what he meant to me,
Just what he meant to you?
Who Knew?  Who Knew?
In such a small frame
So much love grew
And grew and grew.
Who Knew?  Who Knew?  Who Knew?
The seeds that he sowed would continue to grow,
Harvesting love for you and me.
Who Knew?
Trudy Martinez