Only Those Who Obey

Only Those Who Obey 
By Trudy A. Martinez
The Bakersfield Californian reported (In 1994) that INS wanted the news of deporting illegal Chinese immigrants kept quiet so mass crowds will not gather.
Am I suppose to believe deporting illegal immigrants will offend me and thus offended, I might protest?  Not I.
When are officials going to learn, hiding the truth brings out the masses, not telling the truth. 
If I came out, my reason would be to cheer them on, not to yell protests.
Immigrants need to know, only those who obey the laws are welcome and those who do not are not.  Crossing the border illegally is against the law; this action alone shows they are not worthy to be here!  Illegal aliens must be stopped; they must leave; they must be deported.
Current actions reflect the deporting of only those who have disobeyed the laws after they crossed the border illegally.  This is not enough.  It does not send a strong enough message!
In my opinion, what should have happened when the 500,000 protested, the army should have gathered them up and took them right then back across the border.  They are not citizens!  They do not have the same rights as citizens, nor should they be afforded the same rights.  When they came out in force, they should have been met with force!  And they should have all been immediately deported!
Immigrants (legal) helped to make this country prosper.  Legal immigrants are wanted.
I say, “Legal you’re okay!”  “Illegal?  Go home, don’t want you to stay!”