Hello World

 Hello World,

Today I hit the road, visiting one of those grandchildren of mine.  Her nickname is War Bug!    A War Bug is the good bug that distracts all the bad bugs away.  Well my War Bug is a joy; she loves to make little lady bug rocks.   Anyway,  She called me yesterday to give me some good news.  She said, “Grama, guess what?” 

 I stopped being a good guesser years ago.  I like it better if they just come out and tell me what.  But I played the game.  “What, Honey?”  I asked in reply.

“We won!” She said excitedly.  “We won!”

“What did you win?” I asked eagerly. 

“The regional championship!” She chirped out, “Our cheerleading squad did!  We were great Grama. 


 The crowd loved us.”  

The year before the squad did great too and the crowd loved them, but their team was disqualified because their coach clapped her hands and smiled (just like everyone else in the crowd). 

However, the judges declared her hand movements and facial gestures (a smile) were her attempts to coach the girls from the side-line which of course is against the rules.  An attempt was made to appeal the judge’s decision to no avail.  I was a member of the crowd last year when War-Bug came away disappointed and in tears after so much time and effort had gone to not. 

Their squad was clearly the best there.  I am not saying that just because I am her Grama either.  They practiced hard — about 6 or more hours per week.  I let her know that it is all about sportsmanship.  And told her to keep her chin up because next year they would for sure win.  Both the coach and girls learned a lot about competition and the dos and don’ts.   

Sure enough they won this year.   They did!  Last year their coach was female.  This year their coach is male.  He has three daughters and all three are on teams that he coaches.  Their team comes from the Kern ValleyThis years’ competition was held at Big Bear.  “Did your mom take the video camera?  Did she get some pictures?”  

They didn’t take the video camera, but they did get some pictures from the digital camera. 

I hope to post one here for you later.  If not, at least put one in the photo album on my site.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do once it is posted.

This Journal entry is up-dated today with the pictures I promised to post here.   I was told by the photographer of these pictures it was difficult to get

pictures because the girls were always moving.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some Kern Valley wining teams.